DSIplus CinSystems Optimet Matrix
• On-line measurement and defects detection systems • Machine vision • Conoscopic Holography • Intelligent process monitoring •




Quality control and on-line monitoring of products in industrial processes are key to increase competitiveness of manufacturing companies. The introduction of modern sensors (imaging, 3D gauges, vibration, thermography) and advanced computer tools, allow to integrate into your process both the quality control of the production (absence of defects, compliance with dimensional tolerances, etc..) and the cost reduction due to abnormal operation (start-up times reduction, fault diagnosis and prevention, setpoint changes, detection of deviations of the process status, etc.)

DSIplus offers four product lines:

  • Dimensional inspection, we incorporate into the production process non-contact measuring systems, adapted to the highest standards of accuracy and speed, obtaining the total control of production, reducing costs and time.
  • Detection of defects, which allow real time monitoring of product quality using machine vision, noncontact measurement technology or infrared thermography.
  • Intelligent monitoring of complex processes, diagnostic techniques that facilitate real-time operator to monitor the full process status, its deviation from standard behavior, and facilitate preventive maintenance.
  • Databases for industrial management, we develop web applications for security and management of industrial facilities. These tools improve efficiency and increase availability of facilities.

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