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• On-line measurement and defects detection systems • Machine vision • Conoscopic Holography • Intelligent process monitoring •



Distribuidor oficial de Optimet

DSIplus is authorized distributor for Spain & Portugal of Optimet , manufacturer of optical measurement sensors based on the novel Conoscopic Holography technology.



Main features:

  • Colinear optical measurement technique, valid for almost any surface, with high precision.
  • End user interface Optimet Viewer for Microsoft Windows™.
  • Developer API Smart32 SDK, C/C++ interface, for Microsoft Windows™ (versions for Linux x86, x64 and ARM also available). Now also API for LabView™.
  • Integrated system with linear stages for laboratory Conoscan 4000.
  • Encoder inputs for synchronization of measurements and movements in OEM applications.


DSIplus offers:

  • Sales and technical support for Optimet sensors and systems.
  • Development of turn-key solutions for sensors integration in production line applications.
  • Integration with other technologies: machine vision, robotics, etc.
  • Development of feasibility tests for each need.

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