DSIplus CinSystems Optimet Matrix
• On-line measurement and defects detection systems • Machine vision • Conoscopic Holography • Intelligent process monitoring •



The main challenge of DSI PLus is the application of appropriate technology for each case. To accomplish this goal, our engineers are trained and experienced in a variety of techniques and industrial applications.

The main technologies available are used by DSIplus in their developments and products: 

  • Computer Vision: CCD and CMOS cameras, linear and matrix technologies, color cameras, grayscale, infrared, conventional and telecentric lenses
  • Defect detection applications: brightfield and darkfield illumination, polarized light, ultraviolet light.
  • 3D non-contact sensors: Conoscopic Holography, active triangulation, barrier sensors.
  • Infrared thermography, including active (pulsed and lock-in).
  • Vibration sensors: accelerometers, microphones.
  • Programming miniPC solutions architectures under Windows or Linux, DSP, PIC, dsPIC, ARM architectures, etc.
  • Communications RS-232 and RS-485, network using TCP / IP and and UDP / IP sockets, wireless.
  • Data acquisition hardware in analog and digital formats (National Instruments, Data Translation, PIC, etc.).
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • SOM artificial neural networks for dimensionality reduction.
  • Different programmable databases using SQL (sql-server, postgresql, oracle, mysql), according to customer needs.
  • Database software and web interfaces in Java, with the most modern tools: hibernate, jsp, struts, faces.
  • PHP Programming for dinamic web pages.
  • Programming PDA devices with Windows Mobile or Windows CE using Visual Studio. Net

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