DSIplus CinSystems Optimet Matrix
• On-line measurement and defects detection systems • Machine vision • Conoscopic Holography • Intelligent process monitoring •



Below is a list of products developed by DSIPlus, click on the link to get more information about them.

Defect detection
Surfin On-line Inspection of hot slabs in continuous casting by Conoscopic holography.
CORNERplus On-line detection of corner cracks in hot steel products
Visdefect Surface defect detection with computer vision.

Dimensional Inspection
Trishape Measurement of width and shape of flat and long products
Profilometer On-line measurement and recostruction of hot products
Viscamber Measurement of camber in flat products
Conocil Measurement of diameters of cylindrical symmetry parts with Conoscopic holography.

Intelligent monitoring
Ipso Dimensionality reduction and visual monitoring of complex processes.
Medisco Permanent monitoring of critical machines
Fuva Water and vapor leak detection through sound processing.

Databases for industrial management
Geiser Computer-aided management of power on/off procedures in large facilities.
Scama Computer Management and general information in a work area.
SIGEC Computer management of subcontractors

DSIPlus is able to adapt the above products to the needs of each client as well as develop products tailored to new requirements.

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